Atenoretic 30 caps

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الإسم التجاري Atenoretic 30 caps -
الإسم العلمي Amiloride+atenolol+hydrochlorothiazide
السعر 40.50 جنيها
الشركات المنتجة Sigma
Queen pharma international
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وصف الدواء بالإنجليزية About atenololcardioselective beta(beta1 )-adrenergic blocking agent, antihypertensive,anti anginal.mechanism of action of atenololatenolol is a cardio selective beta-1 adrenergic antagonist. it has negative chronotropic and negative inotropic effects on heart. it decreases oxygen consumption- cardiac work and aortic pressure. it decreases nor adrenaline and renin releases. it decreases central sympathetic out flow in sympathetic over activity, it prolongs systole by retarding conduction. it increases oxygen supply and exercise tolerance in angina patients. the drug decreases bp in hypertensive individuals- both systolic and diastolic bp is reduced. antimigraine action: atenolol is useful in migraine due to its beta blockade action. through beta blockade action it inhibits vasodilation and relieves migraine.


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