Vitaferrol 30 soft gelatin caps

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الإسم التجاري Vitaferrol 30 soft gelatin caps -
الإسم العلمي Folic acid+iron+manganese+vitamin b12+vitamin c+zinc
السعر 27.00 جنيها
الشركات المنتجة Eva pharma
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وصف الدواء بالإنجليزية Properties:vitaferroi is a well balanced formula that allows maximal absorption and utilization of iron. it contains ferrous fumarate which has the highest content of elemental iron compared to other iron salts. the product also contains cyanocobalamin (b12) which helps building up of nucleic acids necessary for body cells and red cells formation. ascorbic acid is included to facilitate the absorption of iron by maintaining more of the iron in the absorbable ferrous state, while folic acid, manganese and zinc are considered necessary with iron as supplements for hemoglobin synthesis.indications:treatment and prophylaxis of iron deficiency anemia in cases of: blood loss of various origin (menstruation, hemorrhage, surgical operations), nutritional deficiency, adolescence and convalescence.prophylaxis during pregnancy.