Nopecia 1 mg 30 caps

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الإسم التجاري Nopecia 1 mg 30 caps -
الإسم العلمي Finasteride
السعر 36.00 جنيها
الشركات المنتجة Adwia
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وصف الدواء بالإنجليزية About finasteride5 alpha-reductase inhibitor, synthetic anti-androgen.mechanism of action of finasteridethis synthetic 4-azasteroid derivative competitively inhibits steroid 5alpha reductase, which is an enzyme responsible for active androgen dehydrotestosterone (this enzyme influences the development of prostate gland, so decreasing level of this hormone relieve the symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia)from testosterone.indications for finasteride1. benign prostatic hyperplasia 2. 1st stage of prostate cancer 3. hirsuitism 4. acne 5. adjuvant therapy of radical prostectomy 6. androgenic baldness


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