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Rameda aims to become the most valuable emerging pharmaceutical company in Egypt. The company’s mission is to provide customers with quality health care solutions in a cost effective manner by developing products and services that satisfy their health requirements. Rameda began operations in 1994 and was established by a group of Gulf investors with the intention of creating one of the largest pharmaceutical operations in the region. Owners hired V-Konsult of Germany to create a state-of-the art design, and British Carter Construction company was contracted to build the Rameda’s facilities. In 1999, Rameda entered into an agreement with Alcon to manufacture – under license – their ophthalmology products. In order to guarantee the quality of their products, Alcon built one of the highest quality eye production facilities in the region at Rameda. In 2011, Compass Capital led a consortium of private equity investors for the acquisition of 100% of Rameda. Compass Capital plans to establish Rameda as a regional leader in the industry. To execute this strategy Rameda hired a new management team with a proven track record to complement the existing team.